About PaperRoll

With the idea that self-expression is a necessity in everyday life, PaperRoll creates clothing that gives you the space and freedom to be yourself. This is why our inspiration comes from all parts of the world, looking at what drives people to be who they are. The idea that urban clothing can not only define you, but make you part of something bigger is the reason why we create. This is what defines PaperRoll clothing, and what we stand for.

Our Quality

We understand how important the quality of our product is, and because of this will always stay true to what we promise. Every single one of our products was created and picked with care, and with you in mind. That why we only put out the best quality clothing that we could possibly offer, and make sure that our clothing is made of a comfortable fabric. Cutting corners is something we simply won’t do, and this is reflected in everything we produce.